Monday, October 16, 2017


E ai galeira!
So I won't officially have done one year on the mission until Wednesday, but hey I'm gonna count today as one year. So there hasn't been anything particularly interesting to report this week. I went to a one-year-old's birthday party (Oitavio) because his sister and grandma are two of, my recent converts, Beatrice and Marlene. Also I found out that Claudia (one of my recent converts from Adãos family) is pregnant so she is going to have another kid which is cool! We also had our zone conference which was cool! Much was said with reference to obedience and righteousness and how we can always do more, which is true. Like we will never be perfect, but we can always get better. Aside from that these check points in the mission are always a good time to evaluate how stuff has been up until this moment. It's been like super cool, definitely challenging at times but, my testimony of the Atonement and the Restoration have become so much stronger. Without a doubt helping people develop there personal relationship with Christ is awesome! Anyway, have an awesome week and I hope all is well!
Zone Conference

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Yo what up squad!! So this week was pretty chill, we just tried to find people to teach and stuff. Also, to start off on P-day I ate McDonalds with some other missionaries. In the picture I'm with Bemvenuto who is also from Phoenix, the best city in this world. We've been trying a lot to get references lately. We were at a dinner and one return missionary gave us a reference to her half-brother who lives in our neighborhood. He's pretty chill and we started teaching his family because there are like 4 other people i'n the house that dont know the church that well. All's been chill here. We're needing to accelerate the work a little more people and find more people, but I'm psyched for this week and more opportunities to share the restored gospel. If you are lucky enough to be a part of the church share what you believe with everyone cause its totally true!!
Elders Bemvenuto and Fattaleh (Both from Phoenix) eating at McDonalds!

Monday, October 2, 2017


Hey guys! This Conference week was so cool! To start off I went and did some divisions with Zambrano and Elder Pena. It was cool because like we were hungry that night and one recent convert of his makes American style hamburgers. Being a hamburger-loving-American I tried and it was actually pretty solid. I give it like a 7, it was no PV Burger Company, but he still deserves´props. We also found some cool new investigators for them. After that I just had a normal week in my area. Watching the Conference was awesome like every time we watch a conference I gain a stronger testimony that, like, we have living prophets that receive revelation for us. That is one of very many perks of being a part of The Church of Jesus Christ, a lot was said about like progressing as a part of the Plan of Salvation. I'm very grateful for the opportunity the mission is giving me to progress as a person and come to know my Savior better. You guys should all check out the General Conference talks from this last weekend, I promise it will help you with whatever problem your going through, even if you aren't a member of this church! Have an awesome week everyone!
Jam Session

Zone Conference

New convert made American-Style Cheeseburger

Elders Fattaleh and Zambrano

Elder Zambrano

Monday, September 25, 2017


Hey guys this week was pretty fun! We did divisions this week and I stayed with Elder Pena from Menaus and the next day with Miranda from Peru. It's always good doing divisions getting to know other missionaries. I've gotten to know so many people from so many cultures in my mission and its really been an eye-opening experience. We also had our leaders council which was fun. One thing I've been learning a lot on my mission is how to behave and handle missions. We also had a baptism this week! Jose is a guy we found about two weeks ago. He has a pretty evangelical past so teaching him was slightly complicated. He was interviewed on Saturday and still wasn't sure if he was gonna get baptized, but we just told him to pray and if God answered his prayer he should get baptized. We showed up to get him on Sunday and he was like I'm gonna get baptized today and we were pretty psyched! It was a good week. Hope all is well in the States have an awesome week!

Baptism of Jose

Baptism of Jose

Splits with Elder Pena

Monday, September 18, 2017


e ai galeira!
Hi guys what up? This week was pretty fun. I've been getting to know my new companion Elder Andrei. He's from Fortaleza, the same city as my last companion Elder Oto! It's also been pretty hot this week, like nothing compared to a classic 118 degree day in the 602,  but also in Arizona I didn't stay on the road all day haha. We've been finding cool people to teach. We also got to baptize Vitor this week! He's this kid who has been coming to church for the last month or so. His mom, Mariah Lucia, is totally gonna get baptized too she just wanted a little more time to prepare. We met them because they live super close to our recent converts Adao and Claudia. All's well in Brazil, have a killer week!
Elders Zambrano, Viera, Miranda, Santana and Fattaleh

Vitor's baptism

Vitor and Elder Fattaleh

Monday, September 11, 2017


Hey guys what's up! This week was full of very cool and rewarding experiences. To start off the week we tried to do this thing that we always see Jehovah Witnesses doing where you have a table with like magazines and stuff of the church. It didn't really work out, but it was still fun hahah. After that we were preparing lots of investigators to be baptized this week! Adão and Claudia, two of our investigators got married on Friday and baptized Saturday morning! After we had a lunch and like it was super cool with all the member of the ward. After that on Sunday we had two more baptisms of Beatrice and her grandma! We have been working with Adao and Claudia for some time now and Adao's efforts to stop smoking were awesome to see! We've also been teaching Beatrice and her mom for like a month and they accepted the Gospel pretty easily! It was a super good week. Today is transfer day but the transfer is getting delayed so I wont know if I go to a new area but if I do, my time in Semiarmis has been awesome! Have a great week.
Beatrice and her grandmother baptism

Wedding of Adao and Claudia

Claudia and her Grandmother baptism

Monday, September 4, 2017


Oi tudo bem! Guys this week was super chill! Like all the weeks recently have been pretty eventful so it was nice to just have a peaceful normal week. We are working in the farthest part of the city possible, like after this neighborhood it's just rolling green hills hahah. Last pday we went to a mansion and had churrasco so that was fun! After so much time in an area you start making a lot of friends and everyone just gives you food. Like we also ate pizza with Celia and Izzadora this week. Izzidora is a return missionary and helped us teach some investigator this week. We are planning another wedding this week too, which is cool! Any way hope all is good in the States have an awesome week!
Family of Camilia and Leon

Izzadora and Celia family