Monday, December 4, 2017


Hey guys what up!!!
So it's December now, which is pretty insane hahah. It's almost my last Christmas in the mission, time flies. This week was cool and full of good things. On p-day I played basketball for the first time in forever and some random Brazilian dude came and started playing with us so that was cool. We had mission tour this week, which is like when a general authority comes to talk to the mission. Elder Marcos Adjukatis came and he taught us some useful stuff about planning that will make our missionary work more effective. We had an awesome baptism this week. Isabela is like 18 and one morning super early on Sunday we were going to get our investigators to go to church like we always do and she like stopped us and was like are you from the Universal church (some random church here). We were like noo... she was like oh I'm going there right now we were like hey you should come to our church and she was like I'll go next week. That was like at the start of the transfer, but then we like never found her in her house. Then the next week she was like in a car with some members going to the church even though we'd never taught her hahah. I guess she was dating someone who's parents were members, but then like stopped dating him, but still went to church. Anyway, we taught her, she started reading the Book of Mormon, repented of some stuff and got baptized which is great! And she is going to Institute this week with my other recent convert. Anyway, it's just miracles and blessings here. Hope everything is chill in the States!
Elder Fattaleh and his Zone

Missionaries get tired

Isabella's baptism

Elder Fattaleh and his roomates

Monday, November 27, 2017


Yo whats up guys!! So this week was pretty cool. Last week after sending emails we went and played American football so that was fun. There were just four of us so we just like played catch, but going home we got rained on so hard. There was like hail and the wind was so crazy it was actually a pretty good time. After that we did some pretty cool stuff. This week I got super psyched because my recent convert Pamela went to Institute with the other young adults. 
Like guys, if you are a member of the church and there is a recent convert in your ward do everything possible to retain them the missionaries will be very grateful. We also gave Ann English class. This week was a good time. I didn't think anyone was gonna come, but there were like 10 people there which was sick. We sang the national anthem super loud. We also had Thanksgiving which doesn't really mean anything here, but I happened to be in divisions with two other Americans and we made steak and french fries, which was pretty cool. Also, we made lunch at home today and I wanted to send a picture of Brazilian Stroganoff, its like a weird cream sauce with chicken and like super, super thin chip fries it's so good. Anyway, have a good week love you all! 
Two American Missionaries who had steak for Thanksgiving dinner with Elder Fattaleh

Thanksgiving dinner!

Brazilian Stroganoff

Hail/rain after P-Day

Monday, November 20, 2017


What up guys!! So this week was cool. Super tiring but good! It was tiring because I got on a bus at like 5:30am and went to do divisions with a ton of missionaries in Apucarana, a city close to us. I stayed with my ex-companion elder Gudiel and Elder Trevassos. In Eldorado with Elder Jota Silva and Elder Magalhaês and with Elder Carone and Elder Fialho. Basically I did divisions with Brazilians from every part of the country hahah Sao Paulo, Minigerais, Rio, Acri, and Fortaleza. I got in my area and we went and found people to take to church and stuff. We also had the baptism of Joao Pedro, Pamela ( my recent convert from last week's) brother! It was super cool! Other than that we had some cool experiences this week. We gave a blessing to a lady who has cancer and we helped a dude move a huge pile of bricks! Have an awesome week. Pega fogo ai!

Traveling for divisions

Funny ironic pic

Baptism of Joao Pedro

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


What up squad! This week was super fun! I feel like I'm finally getting used to the new area and everything. We had some really awesome experiences this week! Our investigator Pamela got baptized! We met her last week knocking doors and it was cool because I was on divisions with Elder Jesse, a new missionary, and I was like, dude go to a contact on this door, and he was nervous, but then he did it.  After that we started teaching her. She went to church and liked it and read what we left for her in the Book of Mormon. She told us she believed it was true, but it was still hard for her because she still felt attachment to the Catholic Church because she has  a God-mother and stuff. But she got interviewed, passed and yesterday her baptism was awesome. Also, we helped teach the family of a less active named Sammuel and his daughter got baptized yesterday too! All in all it was a cool week. We have been working hard and the miracles come! Hope all's well back in the States!
Samuel's daughter's baptism

Elder Jesse, Pamela, Elder Fattaleh

Pamela's baptism

Monday, November 6, 2017


Hey fam! So this was a solidly chill week. To start off we had our Leaders Council which was cool. I learned lots of stuff and we found out that the President of the area, Marcos Ajukaitis, is gonna visit this month which was cool. Also thanks to my mom, even though its not celebrated here, we had like little Halloween decorations in the meeting hahah. After that I did some divisions in Londrina First Ward and there I ate in this super nice apartment that was on the nineteenth floor of this super nice apartment building. After that I came back to my area and just worked normally. There is a super-cool less active family named Milton and Diana and there was a young lady living with them named Paula. The other elders in our branch had been teaching her and we taught her as well and she ended up getting baptized this week which was awesome! It's been great getting to know the area and living with another pair of missionaries is sick! Hope all is well in the States have a great week!
Paula's baptism

Monday, October 30, 2017


Yo guys what's up! So this week was a good time, I got to know my companion Elder Lima de Sousa. He's from Fortaleza and he is a super funny dude. He played drums in an Evangelical church before the mission hahaha. We got to work a little on Tuesday, but from Wednesday until Friday I was sick, which was is pretty lame, so I had to stay home. I was super dizzy and throwing up and sutff. Being sick is actually so annoying on the mission. You just read the scriptures and lie down.  Aside from that, it was a good week. We found a guy to take to church, Joilton. I'm psyched because tomorrow is the leaders' meeting so a ton of my friends are in Londrina and I think we are gonna go eat acai in a little. Anyway, hope all is chill. Have an awesome week!
Elder Fattaleh and his new roomates

Monday, October 16, 2017


E ai galeira!
So I won't officially have done one year on the mission until Wednesday, but hey I'm gonna count today as one year. So there hasn't been anything particularly interesting to report this week. I went to a one-year-old's birthday party (Oitavio) because his sister and grandma are two of, my recent converts, Beatrice and Marlene. Also I found out that Claudia (one of my recent converts from Adãos family) is pregnant so she is going to have another kid which is cool! We also had our zone conference which was cool! Much was said with reference to obedience and righteousness and how we can always do more, which is true. Like we will never be perfect, but we can always get better. Aside from that these check points in the mission are always a good time to evaluate how stuff has been up until this moment. It's been like super cool, definitely challenging at times but, my testimony of the Atonement and the Restoration have become so much stronger. Without a doubt helping people develop there personal relationship with Christ is awesome! Anyway, have an awesome week and I hope all is well!
Zone Conference