Monday, February 19, 2018


Sup guys! This week was super awesome. Last p-day we went and visited a lake that is here in Campo Morão and we saw capibairas! I don't know how to spell that in English or Portuguese, but its those giant rats. That was pretty fun. We had a pretty cool experience to because our two investigators Juciliana and Maria went to church for the second time last week and were on date to be baptized this Sunday. They got a little embarased and nervous because there kids are pretty loud in the  Sacrament meeting and there was a talk given about reverence in Sacrament meeting. We went and talked to them and asked them to pray and read the Book of Mormon so they could overcome the embarrassment and be baptized. They did and they got baptized which is great. Their son Leonardo went to a camp of the church for five days which is great! He made tons of friends and went to church in a suit and everything last week! All's going well here I hope you all have an amazing week.

Baptism of Juciliana and Maria

Elders at dinner


Elder Fattaleh 

Monday, February 12, 2018


Hey guys what's up! So I turned 20 this week which was different. My birthday was pretty chill. Some members took me to a Middle Eastern food restaurant which was fun and we watched a movie about the Restoration with members and investigators later that day. Other than that, this week we had Zone Conference in Marinaga. Our President talked about a lot of cool stuff and I left there super motivated to continue doing missionary work! We have some awesome investigators. We are trying to get a couple married, but Brazilian bureaucracy is absolutely ludicrous so its taking forever. Love you all. Have an awesome week!

Monday, February 5, 2018


Hey guys what up! This week was super awesome! We have been seeing ton of miracles in our area and working super hard! We're still helping a couple to get married, but its super bureaucratic and expensive to get people married here, which is fake.Their names are Diego and Thalita they both already stopped smoking and are going to church and everything. We also had a baptism! We baptized Leonardo he's 14 and he super psyched. He said he liked the church a ton when he visited and he wants his family to start going too. It was cool because his family went to his baptism and liked the church as well. He is a training apprentice at the circus so he's super good at juggling and does front flips and stuff. Love you guys a ton have an awesome week!
Leonardo's baptism

Leonardo's baptism


What's up squad! So this week was cool. We still haven't baptized in Campo Mourao, but we have some awesome investigators that are progressing a ton. We are gonna plan a marriage of two of our investigators Diego and Thalita. We tried to mark a date this week, but it didn't work out because you need an updated birth certificate which makes no sense, but were gonna get it this week. Also, another investigator Leonardo is doing super well. He's 15 and already went to church in like a white shirt and everything. He's super psyched. It's been an awesome experience here. We've been working a ton and finding awesome people to teach. We also had a zone p day last week which was pretty fun. We just played sports and stuff. All is going well. Training Elder Oliveira is great and I'm psyched for one more week in the mission! Have an awesome week!

Monday, January 22, 2018


Hey guys! 
So this week was super fun! We started off the week on Tuesday getting to know  the new missionaries we are training. I'm training Elder Oliveira, he's super chill. He's from the Bahia which is like North East Brazil. We got to my new area, Campo Mourao, which is a slightly smaller city close to Maringa and there was like no one to teach, so we spent most of the week finding new people! We found some awesome new investigators that we took to church this week. One is Ana Paula. She has a brother who's is a member, but lives super far away and we found her when we made a contact on the road. She is super cool. When we went to contact her we found that she lives with her mom, her stepdad, and her daughter, and they made us food! We also found Talita and Diego. They have difficulty with the word of wisdom and also need to get married, but we are going to mark a date for their wedding this week. They are super psyched and super humble and received our messages very readily. It has been cool seeing all the miracles! Love you all. Have a good week. Sorry for not sending pictures, I'm in Maringa for a meeting and I forgot my camera in Campo Mourao!
Campo Mourao

Monday, January 15, 2018


Hey guys what's up! 
So this week was a fun! We worked hard and we got psyched for the stake conference we had. There was a Seventy there, Elder Mark Basset! He gave an awesome talk about our responsibility with Christ and stuff. It was also cool at the Stake Conference because some of my recent converts were there! Also, there are like three missionaries in our zone going home, so in the mission you say there dying and we did like funerals for them at our last district meeting. I'm gonna train a new missionary next transfer so I'm super psyched for that!  I'll let you guys know how it goes. Have an awesome week!
From the Zone Conference

Zone Conference

Zone Conference


Elder Fattaleh Fries

Monday, January 8, 2018


Hey guys what's up! This week was fun! I think the most interesting thing that happened is that my companion Elder Serrano accidentally stabbed his hand. He was like making mango juice after getting home and totally stabbed his hand like 3/4's of an inch deep. We called a member of the church and went to the hospital which was cool. I got to help put the stitches in, kind of, hahah the doctor there just told me to keep on washing his hand with some cleaning solution. We ended up leaving the hospital, but the member took us to Mcdonalds after which was great. The rest of the week was fun, kinda tough. We had like 4 people that were going to get baptized, but none of them ended up being able to because of troubles with commandments, which was kind of lame, but we'll try again this week to help them. We played basketball today which was super fun, much better than soccer. Anyway all is well, I'm gonna make hamburgers tonight with some recent converts, so that should be a good time. I hope all is well. Voces são top have an excellent week!

Elders De Azevedo and Fattaleh