Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Yo guys what's uppppp! So this week was super cool! We had a Leader's Counsel and ate pizza in Presidente Pereira's apartment, which was super fun hahahaha. Also, we took two families to the government building this week to mark their weddings so they can get baptized, so thats a win! One is the family of Luana and Lucidio  and they have a kid named Vincios and the other is Adão andClaudia and their kid Mauricio. It's been super cool working with them, they are learning a lot and making friends in the ward. We had a Pioneer Festival in the chapel on Wednesday, which was cool. It is interesting how Latter-day Saints in the whole world share pride in what the first members of the church went through, even if they are not blood related. Also I gave a talk in church about fatherhood which was cool! After seeing so many families with so many problems I'm so grateful for the wonderful family I have and especially my dad that always guided us and worked hard to sustain our home. All is good here in Brazil have a good week!
Family of Sister Knoll and Sister Hubbard

Elder Oto and Fattaleh Pioneer Celebration

Luana and Vincios

Elders eating at Subway!

Monday, August 7, 2017


Yo guys what's up! So this week was pretty cool, pretty normal. We have a super cool family that we're working with their names are: Luana, Lucidio, and Vinicos. They would totally be baptized right now, they just have to get married, but were going to the government building this Wednesday to mark a wedding date for them. We also have some new people in our zone because transfers were last week! Elder Zambrano is in my zone which is cool! He's from my group in the MTC and he's from California. There are actually 4 Americans in our zone which is crazy hahahah. My companion has been doing pretty well. All is going well in Tira Dentes. Every day I feel my testimony being strengthened. I know this church is the Church of Jesus Christ and I'm so grateful for these two years I have to share with everyone. Have an awesome week!
Beautiful Londrina

Elders Fattaleh and Oto


Monday, July 31, 2017


Hey guys whats up! This week was cool! Oto and I were doing divisions and I was with Elder Sorensen for a little this week and that was cool. We spoke English so that was fun hahahah. Also, all the street contacts he makes are super funny because he speaks like slowly and loudly and all of them start like this, ´Nos viemos de muito longe para falar com você,´we came from very far away to talk with you hahahahaha. It was actually super funny. Oto and I got to participate in the baptism of a woman and her grand daughter. The rest of the family had already been baptized. The grandma, Lisa, had some doubts at first because she was already baptized once, but we explained about receiving the Holy Ghost and authority and she was all good. We also took a bunch of really cool investigators to church! Today is transfer day and I'm gonna stay here in Semiramis with Elder Oto! I'm super psyched for one more transfer in Brazil! Also, I know maybe you guys didn't see the pics from Vanessa's baptism last week so I'm gonna send them again! This week she went to an activity for the youth at the stake center and is probably going do Seminary this week! Love you all hope your week is great!

Monday, July 24, 2017


Yo guys what up!!!! This week was cool! To start the week we had our Zone Conference and I saw some people that I hadn't seen for a while, so thats cool! It's weird there are still people from my group from the MTC that I still haven't seen since we got in the field! Also, we had a baptism this week! W'eve been teaching Vanessa for like 4 weeks and it was super cool because when we started teaching her she said she didn't believe in God, but now she received an answer about the Book of Mormon and she told us that her baptism was like the most awesome experience ever, so that was cool. It was a little tough to convince her mom to let her be baptized because she goes to Deus é Amor, a church here that prohibits women to use anything besides long skirts or dresses, use make up, and cut your hair... truly in Brazil I have seen more of the fragmented debris of the Great Apostasy then I expected, but all is well and I know with time Vanessa's mom will come to see the joy this gospel brings to people. All is well here in Brazil. Have an awesome week!!
Vanessa's baptism

Vanessa's baptism

Monday, July 17, 2017


​Hey guys! This week was cool, pretty fun. We found some cool new investigators and stuff, just like missionary work as normal. We also had an activity in the ward which was pretty solid. Elder Oto left a message using a mouse trap talk about our difficulties in life and stuff hahah, afterwards we played a game I learned in seminary, Bloody Knuckles. It's like this game of trivia of the scriptures and stuff, and it was super fun ala semirimis got super into it. Also last p-day after we emailed we went and ate churrasco at one member of our wards sisters house´and the steak was like on point. Saturday we had the chance to interview a family before their baptism and I talked with the dad, his name was Maurcio. His story was super cool. He told me about how he stopped the missionaries in the street and how he started to read the Book of Mormon and how he got married just to be baptized, it was pretty cool hahah. All is good here. I'm gonna try and send a video of a little bit of our activity.  Love you guys. Hope your week is great!

Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey guys what up! This week was super fun. We were looking for tons of new people to teach and we found a ton! We took a family to church, luana and Lucidio and there kid Vinicios. They are super cool! luana has a friend that is a member of another ward. They have already accepted a baptismal date, but they have to get married legally first hahaha. But they are already psyched and we put a date for the end of the month. Also, we took Vanessa to church! When we found her we knocked on her door and we always ask, do you believe in God? Everyone in Brazil always answers, yes without a doubt, but she was like no which was different. I think she was pretty over how many churches there are here and what they do, but she is taking the lessons and she went to church and liked it a lot. She felt super good there. We also had our leadership conference which was cool hahah. It was weird because I was seeing a lot of the administrative side of the mission, which gave me a little ennui, but at the end five missionaries that are leaving gave there testimonies and it was like actually super, super good. Definitely in my mission I've seen that when I'm really needing a spiritual experience to remember why I'm here He gives one to me hahahah. All is good here in Brasil, also happy 4th of July this week! Brazil is great, but there is always one country for me and that's the US of A.
Elders Fattaleh, Lopez, and Oto (Elder Lopez trained them)

Londrina Zone
Brazilian dessert made from sweetened condensed milk. 

Monday, June 26, 2017


Hey guys! This was my first week in the city of Londrina and it was super cool! I had to go from Adamantina to Londrina so that took like 6 hours hahahah. I got here and met up with my new companion Elder Oto! He's my brother in the mission because we had the same trainer hahaha. It's been super cool being in a city again. I was really out there in the middle of nowhere for a while hahah, but I really miss Adamantina. It was such a good experience and I made so many friends there. This week we were just kind of meeting everyone here in the area. We walked a ton haha. Like missionaries always walk a ton, but this week was like more hahah. We didn't have a ton of success, but we found a super awesome family to work with this week. Also, I was in the Rodiviaria in Londrina and there were like five Americans and 3 from Arizona and I was so psyched and full of American pride hahahah. All is good here in Brazil. Thanks for your emails. Have an awesome week!
Elders Fattaleh and Ribiero

Arizonans in Brazil pic in the Rodiviaria (bus station)

American missionaries in Brazil

Londrina sure is green

Elder Fattaleh and Elder Oto