Monday, August 7, 2017


Yo guys what's up! So this week was pretty cool, pretty normal. We have a super cool family that we're working with their names are: Luana, Lucidio, and Vinicos. They would totally be baptized right now, they just have to get married, but were going to the government building this Wednesday to mark a wedding date for them. We also have some new people in our zone because transfers were last week! Elder Zambrano is in my zone which is cool! He's from my group in the MTC and he's from California. There are actually 4 Americans in our zone which is crazy hahahah. My companion has been doing pretty well. All is going well in Tira Dentes. Every day I feel my testimony being strengthened. I know this church is the Church of Jesus Christ and I'm so grateful for these two years I have to share with everyone. Have an awesome week!
Beautiful Londrina

Elders Fattaleh and Oto


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