Monday, January 8, 2018


Hey guys what's up! This week was fun! I think the most interesting thing that happened is that my companion Elder Serrano accidentally stabbed his hand. He was like making mango juice after getting home and totally stabbed his hand like 3/4's of an inch deep. We called a member of the church and went to the hospital which was cool. I got to help put the stitches in, kind of, hahah the doctor there just told me to keep on washing his hand with some cleaning solution. We ended up leaving the hospital, but the member took us to Mcdonalds after which was great. The rest of the week was fun, kinda tough. We had like 4 people that were going to get baptized, but none of them ended up being able to because of troubles with commandments, which was kind of lame, but we'll try again this week to help them. We played basketball today which was super fun, much better than soccer. Anyway all is well, I'm gonna make hamburgers tonight with some recent converts, so that should be a good time. I hope all is well. Voces são top have an excellent week!

Elders De Azevedo and Fattaleh

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