Monday, March 5, 2018


What's up guys!! So this week was awesome. Many good things happened.
1. We made American hamburgers in our recent convert Carlos´s house. They liked them a ton and we showed again that the United States will always make the best hamburgers.
2. We also had our first district meeting of the transfer and I'll put in a picture of our district. Our name is Distrito Só Agua 3. it's basically just me one other American and four other Brazilians from small cities close to here.
3.  We baptized a kid named Guiniver! It was actually cool he showed up at church last week with his mom who was less active and we went and taught them this week and they got baptized! We are gonna eat dinner with them tonight!
4. On Sunday we had dinner with like half of the branch here. I really love this branch ( Aeroporto) like there is so much union here and there aren't too many members, but they help a ton. 
It was an awesome week hope all's good in the USA!
Grayson's district

Double Doubles at Carlo's house

Home-made Double Double in all it's glory

Guiniver's baptism

Missionaries with the members

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