Monday, April 16, 2018


You guys what's up!
So this week was great as always! This week I did some divisions in a city close to here called Cianorte and that was pretty fun. One night when I was there we went to another churches' meeting which was fun and they like asked us to make commentaries on a bible scripture. Another night we had an awesome dinner with a member that like spoke English so that was fun. Aside from that we had an awesome experience in our area. We confirmed a lady named Elena and she said she had a friend named Juliana who like kept on coming over and asking questions about the church and took the pamphlets we left home to read. We asked where she lived and found her house. We started teaching her and her family. It was so cool because she had already heard about the church. She said she wanted a path to follow so she googled ´Church of Jesus Christ´ hahahahah.  Fortunately this led her to the site of the Church and stuff. We taught her family and they liked the message and came to church on Sunday which is awesome. They just have some problems with like drinking and smoking, but we'll help them change. Other than that it was a solidly normal week. Hope all's well there. Have a good week!
The Elders at the Lan House

Monday, April 9, 2018


Hey guys what's up! Today are transfers and I'm gonna stay here in Campo Mourão for one more transfer with Elder Oliveira. This week was pretty solid. We did some fun things. We had out last District Meeting of the transfer which went well, we also had a pretty good time on Sunday because we ate lunch with our recent converts! It's been such an amazing blessing seeing them grow in the gospel and learn and read the Book of Mormon and everything. After that we went to our investigators' house Diego and Thalita and we made American hamburgers which was fun. I'm convinced if I wanted to I could open up a food truck here and make some serious reais. Anyway, that was my week, it was great! I hope you are all well !!!


Sunday dinner

Monday, April 2, 2018


Hey guys what's up!
This week was pretty solid there was like lots of fun stuff that happened. On Tuesday we went to the circus which was different. I think I've said this before, but our recent convert Leonardo juggles in the circus so we went there to like support him. It was cool because it's a circus for the city so all the performers were like high school kids, but they were all really good! There was also a part where I got called to the front hahaha. They asked me to like yell and help excite the crowd hahahaha it was a good time, reminded me of high school. Also, on the path there we saw a pack of capybaras and I almost touched one ( like one foot away). For Easter Leonardo's mom and sister gave us chocolate and like embroidered towels for us which is awesome. The other exciting thing was that we had a baptism! We met Elena doing contacts like 3 weeks ago. She went to church last week and liked it and accepted to be baptized this week! It was super cool. Her granddaughter goes to church with her and she spent the whole time drawing in my day planner hahah. Anyway, it was a good week! Conference was awesome and everyone should watch it! Have a great week!
Elena's baptism

Easter presents from Leonardo's mom

Circus with Leonardo

Pack of capybara

More capybara

Monday, March 26, 2018


Hey guys! This week was pretty cool! We worked pretty hard. We had a super awesome lesson with an investigator named Mateus about the restoration! Also, I was psyched because one of my recent converts blessed the sacrament (Carlos), and the other one (Leonardo) went to the temple for the first time. He said it was awesome! He also gave a talk on Sunday about the Trinity which was so awesome. I'm extremely psyched for Conference this week it's always awesome to hear from the living prophets of today. I know this church is true and everyone (even and especially nonmembers of this church) should watch General Conference because it will bless their lives if they watch with an open heart! Have a great week!
The Elders at Burger King

Elders Fattaleh and Olivera

Monday, March 19, 2018


Hey guys! This week was great! To start off I went to Maringá, the big city close to here, on Monday and Tuesday for our Zone Conference. There we did a p-day and played some sports and stuff which was super fun! We played soccer which isn't like a cool sport, but it was fun because we made a team of five Americans and we played for the pride of our country and actually won a game against Brazilians so that was cool. Zone Conference was fun. We just talked about how learning more about Christ can motivate us to work more. After that we went to work here in Aeroporto. There was some cool experiences this week. We took a cool family to church. We asked them to pray about our message to know if it was true and they were like yeah, it definitely is. After that we also took a young man to church named Mateus who works in the circus, which is where our recent convert Leonardo works too! After that we also went to a 4 year-olds birthday party because it's our recent convert's daughter so that was cool. After that we had one other cool experience this week. On Sunday morning our two investigators that have been going to church since last transfer weren't answering the phone, so even though it was a little out of the way of the other investigators we were gonna get, we passed by there anyway. We called them out and then Diego came and he started saying how he wouldn't be able to go to church because he had to move stuff from one house or the other because his landlord was gonna  change the locks at 12. Though it seemed like a valid excuse I became very disappointed. I didn't really know what to say so we just kind of left. He called us like ten minutes later and said he called his landlord and convinced him to let him move the stuff after church. When he said that I was so happy! Like nothing makes a mission be worth it more than seeing your investigators overcome trials to follow Christ. I've been here for one year and five months now and I'm psyched to see the rest of the miracles that will happen. Ate mais!
Zone Conference

Sunday, March 18, 2018


​Hey guys what's up! So this week was cool! It was kinda hard in the start because we had some cool investigators on date to get baptized, but they desisted in the start of the week. We've been teaching lots of youth too, which has been pretty fun. One cool thing that happened was on Saturday we didn't have very many people to take to church and I was feeling down. My companion helped me out and was like, we'll find at least one more person. This was at like on a Saturday and our house is like an hour and fifteen minutes from our area so our day was ending and I saw a gate and felt that I should go knock on it. We went and it was a women who was recently divorced. We taught her and she accepted baptism and went to church yesterday! God really gives miracles to us after lots of work. Have a good week everyone! 

Monday, March 5, 2018


What's up guys!! So this week was awesome. Many good things happened.
1. We made American hamburgers in our recent convert Carlos´s house. They liked them a ton and we showed again that the United States will always make the best hamburgers.
2. We also had our first district meeting of the transfer and I'll put in a picture of our district. Our name is Distrito Só Agua 3. it's basically just me one other American and four other Brazilians from small cities close to here.
3.  We baptized a kid named Guiniver! It was actually cool he showed up at church last week with his mom who was less active and we went and taught them this week and they got baptized! We are gonna eat dinner with them tonight!
4. On Sunday we had dinner with like half of the branch here. I really love this branch ( Aeroporto) like there is so much union here and there aren't too many members, but they help a ton. 
It was an awesome week hope all's good in the USA!
Grayson's district

Double Doubles at Carlo's house

Home-made Double Double in all it's glory

Guiniver's baptism

Missionaries with the members