Monday, April 16, 2018


You guys what's up!
So this week was great as always! This week I did some divisions in a city close to here called Cianorte and that was pretty fun. One night when I was there we went to another churches' meeting which was fun and they like asked us to make commentaries on a bible scripture. Another night we had an awesome dinner with a member that like spoke English so that was fun. Aside from that we had an awesome experience in our area. We confirmed a lady named Elena and she said she had a friend named Juliana who like kept on coming over and asking questions about the church and took the pamphlets we left home to read. We asked where she lived and found her house. We started teaching her and her family. It was so cool because she had already heard about the church. She said she wanted a path to follow so she googled ´Church of Jesus Christ´ hahahahah.  Fortunately this led her to the site of the Church and stuff. We taught her family and they liked the message and came to church on Sunday which is awesome. They just have some problems with like drinking and smoking, but we'll help them change. Other than that it was a solidly normal week. Hope all's well there. Have a good week!
The Elders at the Lan House

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